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Visa Services

We at ALTHAQLAIN TRAVEL & TOUR providing Visa Services to our customers, which includes, all kind of visa like Visit or Tourism Visa, Normal Visit Visa, Political Visa, Service Visa, Transit Visa, Non-stop Transit Visa, Urgent Visa, Multi- Visa. 


Visit or Tourism Visa

  • A tourist visa allows the holder to enter Iraq once during the three months from the date of issue and stay in it for a period of one month, for the purpose of visiting tourist and relic sites.
  • The visit Visa allows the holder to enter Iraq once during one month from the date of issue and the residence for a one-month whether for the purposes of religious events or visiting holy sites.
  • Also, Visas are issued to public and political figures, businessmen and investors, and the people who the Ambassadors and charge d’affaires find interested in their visit to Iraq, according to their judgment for a period of 30 days.
  • In the case of tourists, groups offer applications precede through tourism companies in the work area of the Mission in coordination with one of the officially licensed tourism companies in Iraq.

Normal Visa

    • Normal Visa allows the holder to enter Iraq once during the three months from the date of issue and residence in Iraq for a period not exceeding three months, he must visit the Directorate of residence to put in the knowledge of the arrival ten days after his arrival and enter Iraqi territory.

Political Visa

  • The political Visa is issued to officials in other countries who are visiting Iraq on an official mission as well as workers in the Diplomatic, international, regional, and Arab Missions in the Republic of Iraq with their families, according to an official memo, and granted under it a special residency.

Service Visa

  • Service Visa issued to people who hold Service passports on the basis of an official memorandum by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country in which the Mission accredited,

Transit Visa

  • A transit visa allows the holder to enter Iraq once during the three months from the date of issue and a residence for a period of not more than seven days.

Non- stop Transit Visa

    • This Visa allows the holder to transit through Iraqi territory under the supervision of the competent authorities without stopping and one time within three months from the date of the issue.

Urgent Visa

  • This Visa issued by a residency officer at the border crossing points to a foreigner who arrives intending to enter Iraq, and he doesn’t have a visa from our Missions abroad if the officer is convinced of the reasons that have prevented him to get a Visa.

Multi Visa

  • This Visa is granted for a period of three months, six months, or one year after obtaining the legal conditions.
    (Foreigners Residence law No. 118 for the year 1987, and it’s amended (Article IV) and (Letter of the Directorate of Residence/ the section of foreign No. 37344 on 22 Dec. 2009)

Requirements of the Visa request

The following conditions must be available in the Visa request: 

1 – The passport has validity for a period of a minimum of six months.
2 – Fill in a Visa application form with two photographs.
3 – Ability to cover the cost of living during the period of his stay in Iraq for holders of ordinary passports.
4 – There is no objection to preventing him from entering the territory of the Republic of Iraq regarding public health, security, morals, or the national economy

5 – Provide a convincing reason for the visit depending on the Visa type.
6 – The requester not accused or convicted of a crime outside Iraq may be extradited for.
7 – There is no order of deporting him from the Republic of Iraq and to achieve this must check the records for the barred from entering Iraq in accordance with the attached form (1).
8 – Full address in the place, which he will stay in the Republic of Iraq.

Visa fee for Zairean Groups

The above mentioned fee is for one person and reduces on increase in the number of person in a group



1. When the presence of banned to enter the territory of the Republic of Iraq for the cause of public health, national security, morals, or the national economy, can approach the Iraqi authorities to find out their opinion on the subject.

2. Urgent Visa granted according to the authorities of the residence officer who works at the border Center if he is convinced of the reasons that have prevented the Visa obtaining.

3. The expired Visa not extendable, but they can be to obtain a new approval with new fees, but in exceptional cases, like, closing border, the center of Passports and Residence at the border, will explain the situation on the Visa and allows them to enter without an extension or requesting a new approval, but this should not exceed more than seven days from the reopen the border. 

4. Based on the letter of the Directorate of Residency, foreigners section number A. C / Visa / 1822 / 2011/29559 on 6 July 2011 containing ((to not grant visas or residency permits for foreign workers unless they obtain work permits from the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs)) with the exception of the following categories: –

A – Employed by International Organizations, Diplomatic Missions and Consulates accredited in Iraq. 

B – Foreigners who the international laws, conventions, and treaties allow working, which the Government is a party in them.

C – Foreigners who work for the Iraqi government, but are required to provide the Directorate residence with a letter that supports the contract

between the Foreign Ministries, and government departments by filling out a Visa application in the Arabic language in order to take.

D – Foreign workers in the reconstruction of holy shrines in Iraq.